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Overcoming Fear Of Driving After A Car Crash

Three Ways to Overcome Fear of Driving After Car Accident

I was in a severe car accident years ago. I thankfully was able to recover from my injuries, but I do remember my hesitation with entering my parents’ car after leaving the hospital. For one brief moment, I was afraid to ride in a car again. I still had glass in my face that had not healed and seeing the car windshield made me panic. Then I envisioned a life having to walk everywhere. I saw myself living a lonely life. I could not visit my friends, or travel, and was confined to only having a job within walking distance. At that point, I opened the car door and got in. Fortunately, a life of confinement scared me more than the prospect of getting into another car accident. I had conquered my fear. Unfortunately, not everyone is as capable of doing this as me.

Are you afraid to drive your car after being in an automobile accident? Do suffer extreme anxiety when in traffic or bad weather conditions? If so, there are three simple ways for you to overcome your fear and reduce your anxiety while driving.

Practice Meditation

One way to overcome a fear is to face it head on. First, recognize what is triggering the fear. If you were in a car accident during a storm, you may become anxious during bad weather. That is okay. Recognize the anxiety and do not fight it. Then try to suppress the bad memory. Meditation can help you do this. How does meditation work? Meditation compartmentalizes and removes outside fears, anxieties, and everyday worries to the side so that the Mediator sees only the task at present to complete. If you learn to meditate, you will be able to suppress the bad memory while driving so that you can concentrate on the road and keep anxiety at bay.

Seek Massage Therapy Treatment

The mind and body are more in sync then many realize. If you are anxious or stressed, your body will greatly be affected. Your body holds in all the stress and anxiety you are feeling. The body becomes tensed and you may feel back, shoulder and neck pain. This is where most people carry their stress. By going to a medical massage therapist, you can receive massage treatments to help reduce your stress and anxiety attacks. Many car accident survivors seek clinic injury therapy treatment to overcome their fear of driving again.

Take Deep Breaths

Practice deep breathing. Deep breathing sends oxygen to your mind and keeps your mind clear. Deep breathing also calms your body. If you feel yourself starting to panic, immediately practice deep calm breathing.

Overcoming your fear of driving or even riding in a car again after an accident can be difficult. However, these three steps can help you reduce your anxiety and live a once more balanced life.