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Florida No-Fault

Florida No-Fault At A Glance

Florida is considered to be a “No-Fault” state.  Under your automobile insurance, you are required to purchase Personal Injury Protection, otherwise known as “PIP”.  PIP allows you to access medical treatment IMMEDIATELY for injuries sustained during a motor vehicle crash, instead of waiting until third parties determine who is at fault.  In order to activate your benefits, you MUST be seen by a provider within 14 days of the crash or your claim may be deniedFurther, a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant must evaluate and document that the severity of your injuries qualifies for full benefits under the Florida statute. After a crash, contact your insurance carrier and notify them of your injuries so that you receive a claim number to access your PIP benefits. Our insurance experts are available to assist you through this process so that you receive the quality care you need promptly.