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Driving While Applying Makeup

driving makeupFemales are very well known for their interest in beauty, as demonstrated in several magazines, products, talk shows, and other media genre. Often times women will leave the house without their face painted as completely as they want and will use the mirror in the car to complete the task while driving. This is an incredibly huge distraction and a prescription for a tragedy. By applying makeup while driving women first take attention away from their driving surroundings and secondly take a hand off the steering wheel, giving them less control of the car.

"About 3% of female drivers have had an auto accident while applying makeup, and 75% of those women were under 27 years of age," says Kevin Alsup, vice president of insurance at Foundation Financial Group in Florida. "We hear a lot about the dangers of driving and texting," says David Miller, CEO of Brightway Insurance in Florida, "but applying makeup while driving is just as dangerous or worse."

If you find yourself caught in the 3% bracket of women who have experienced an accident while applying makeup and have suffered severe injuries you most likely will have to visit one of the many clinics for treatment followed by rehabilitation. These clinics are there to provide you with the comfort, care, and guidance you seek from a physician/doctor relationship. Injury care clinics does just that, provide you with a personal relationship with you and your physician that will help you overcome your injuries and get back to a normal routine.

Your physician, along with the rest of the clinic's staff is very educated in car accident injuries as well as being highly experienced in treatments. The staff is very committed and dedicated to what they do. These clinics take care of hundred of accident survivors and therefore understand that you have different wants and different needs. The clinics understand that each individual is different and therefore treatment will vary from one patient to another. The clinics that treat these types of accident victims usually use the same methods of treatments. These methods are split into two different categories. These categories are passive therapy and active therapy. Passive therapy is therapy to relieve pain. For example, passive therapy includes cryotherapy, moist heat, and Interferential/TENS. All of the listed methods can control your pain. Some patients may get confused about cryotherapy and moist heat. How can opposite effects have the same results? As stated earlier, every person is different.  Lower temperatures may work for one patient, but another patient may need heat to relieve pain.

Active therapy is more physical. Active therapy is designed to rebuild your body and strengthen your muscles with balance training, core hardening, manual therapy, strengthening exercises, and bands. These methods are chosen for you based on what you and your physician find best.

An accident caused by applying makeup can be one hundred percent preventable. By managing your time wisely or pulling over on the side of the road for a few minutes, you can save yourself or others from severe injury.

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Injury Care Clinic is a medical facility specializing in the treatment of auto accident injuries.  We are NOT a 1-800 referral service.

While we understand that it may be important and even necessary for you to hire an attorney, seeking medical care at this time should be your top priority.   After all, it is covered by auto insurance.